Friday, January 23, 2009

Why is it so hard???

Every day there are so many choices to make about food. Whether to have eggs in the morning, or oatmeal. Chicken for lunch, or a sandwich. I get tired of having to think so very hard and plan ahead for my meals. But I have to, or I will definitely get off track. I will get so hungry, I will grab whatever looks good, or seems easy, and then I will destroy a whole day's worth of hard work. I hate that.

Today I have kept my eating healthy, and that feels good. But it has been hard. I have craved chocolate, and Fritos, and M&M's. I want them all, and I feel sometimes that it is unfair that I just can't eat some like most people do.

What is even worse is that the scale this week is not moving down, but up. Sure, it is that TOM, but still...I hate that I am trying so hard and not seeing results. I know it will eventually come off, but it seems the number on the scale should be directly related to the amount of times you resisted that food that wasn't good for you. So, say for not eating 20 M&M's, I should lose 2 lbs. Or for not eating a big slice of cheesey, gooey pizza, I should lose at least 1 lb. No cake....2 lbs, no cookies..another two. Wouldn't that be a great way to lose weight???


  1. Yeah, that WOULD be a great way to lose weight! I would love that diet!

    Hang in there, Sue. I know it's tough some days. You're doing awesome!

  2. You're doing great - you just need to keep on keeping on!