Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I can say freely: "I love Phentermine"!

Yesterday was my two week check up since starting the phentermine. I stepped on the scale after work, and the doctor could not believe his eyes. I was down to 374....I had lost 17 lbs in two weeks. He kept acting like he had written it wrong my first visit, when I weighed 391. I laughed. "Surely you see other folks as big as I am who have lost that much in their first weigh-in after Phentermine..." The doctor denied it, saying usually he only sees a loss of 8-10 lbs at the most, even if it is someone my size. I was surprised. I wondered if many of those people had stopped eating, thereby slowing down their metabolism. I have been eating healthily....not really counting calories, but just eating lean protein and fruits and veggies. I eat when I am hungry, and at least eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, even if I am not hungry. I have even eaten a cupcake or two, and a piece of pie, but that is the exception, and not the rule.

I feel good. Though I don't feel the great push of energy I thought I might feel, I am not tired all the time either. I definitely need to start exercising too, but for right now, I am concentrating on taking a few more pounds off first, before hitting the old treadmill.

I am so happy with the weight loss. My BP was fine (some people say Phentermine raises Blood Pressure), but mine was lower than the first BP they had taken. I am sleeping well again, and do not really feel any negative side effects. I love this medicatin. I feel like it has corrected the inbalance in my brain that kept me craving things that added to my weight, instead of helping me to lose. I am so thankful that I tried it. And my prayer is that the effect continues, and I don't develop a tolerance to it, and become immune to the way it makes me feel right now. :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One week later....

Well, I have been on the phentermine for one week now. It is definitely working. I love it. The phentermine takes away that desire to eat "just for the sake of eating". In fact, I have felt like a normal person in regards to food this week. For some reason, I have been able to stay on a healthy diet without eating foods that are bad for me either. Although I did give myself the "license" to eat whatever I wanted, without restriction. But when I have the unhealthy food in front of me, it just doesn't hold the appeal it usually does, and it is easy to pass it by.

I have often watched thin people eat until they were full and then push the plate away. That was a foreign thing to me. I always finished my plate. Always. This past week, there have been several times I left food on the plate. Just had no desire to eat more. I love the feeling. I am actually trying to count calories a little, just to make sure that I eat enough....I don't want to drop down below 1500 calories at this point, or my metabolism may suffer. So I am trying to figure it out, and am excited because I am intuitively eating right where I should be for weight loss, and I don't feel deprived or like I am spending forever in healthy food preparation and planning - or even thinking about food that much.

I weighed in week since starting the phentermine. I was down 10 lbs on my scale. I cannot believe how easy it has seemed. The only drawback is that I am still not sleeping as well as I used to, but I have to admit, I don't feel tired the next day, which is nice. I definitely have more energy overall, and I am excited for my official weigh in on their scale next Tuesday!! :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I've made my visit to the pill pusher.....

Okay, Tuesday was the day. I went to visit Dr.Rivas, and get started on my new weight loss plan - which involves Phentermine, an appetite suppressant. My first impressions were not the greatest. I did not get a feeling of personal caring from Dr. Rivas. He has probably seen so many thousands of overweight people, heard the same sob stories, and had to answer the same questions. But I was giving him my hard earned money ($130 to be exact, for this first visit), and for that I would like to see some sincere attention.

For the price of admission, you are given 2 weeks worth of the medication. I started it yesterday. The side effects have not been too bad. I did feel a little bit "off balance" for about 1/2 hour during the morning, but that went away quickly. I also had trouble sleeping, but did not feel tired today. On the plus side, I did not have much of an appetite yesterday! I definitely didn't think about food as much, and when I did, it was not as compelling as usual. Today was the same! I am really hopeful that this might work for me.

I am trying not to focus on being perfect with my food intake. In fact, I am not "dieting". I am going to try and choose healthy foods for the most part...lean proteins, veggies, fruits, etc. But I am also going to eat whatever I crave. Strangely enough, even with that "License", I did not feel like eating anything sweet yesterday or today. Which is very weird for me. There was cake all over the place at work today, and all I thought was: "Wow, before I would have had a piece of cake at least once, maybe even twice before the day was through." Instead, this morning I had to remind myself to eat a snack, and I didn't FEEL like finishing my yogurt. What? Me not finish something??? So bizarre. Amazing what one little pill can do.

I don't know how it will continue to work, but I am praying that it will still work for me, and I will not develop a resistance to it. I don't weigh in until 2 weeks from the start, and already I am hoping it will be a good number. It wasn't so great at my initial weigh in. 391. Yes, it is true. Sigh. I hope I never see that number again!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Uh Oh - I haven't posted in 19 days!

Hmmmm, perhaps I didn't post for 19 days because after one awesome week of eating right, I again found myself indulging in JUNK?! It is so hard for me to blog when I am not eating right. I greatly admire those who persevere and blog no matter what. You are my heroes!!

I have come to a decision though. One I am not making lightly, and one which I have researched deeply. I am going to lop off my right leg in an attempt to quickly lose 55 lbs or so. Wait - I am just joking. I wanted to say that first so that what I am really doing won't seem so bad. On Tuesday, I am going to a weight loss specialist. His name is Dr. Paul Rivas, and he has been on Good Morning America, as well as other TV shows. His method of helping people lose weight has to do with giving them an appetite suppressant, along w/ an antidepressant, to help change the chemicals in their brains and help them not want to eat all the time. That is what I long for. To have that "I want to eat a donut" thought just switched off!

If you google his name, you can find out a lot of information about his program. He has been fairly successful, and has been in the wgt loss business X 26 years. I have tried everything else..except surgery, and I don't want to go there. I am hoping that perhaps this method might work. I think it is at least worth a try. Has anyone else ever heard of him? Or taken Rx drugs to lose weight? It is not my preferred method of losing weight, but my other methods have left me at 390 lbs, so I think it is worth a try. I would love to hear your thoughts though...good and bad!