Sunday, January 4, 2009

New goal!

I am not really one for setting a New Year's goal, so to speak. In the past, I have not kept them, and invariably, they all revolved around diets. But last year, in 2008, I set a goal that I managed to keep. I decided to live better and move more, and I actually accomplished that goal last year, for the most part. There were days I could have definitely improved my eating, and days I never got in any exercise. But for the most part, I was really changing.

So here I am at the start of 2009. I am still morbidly obese, and I am striving to take off pounds instead of adding them. This past month has been difficult, with holiday gatherings and sweets everywhere. For inspirations, sometimes I have looked online at other people who were trying to get healthy too. One of those bloggers has really inspired me.......Angie all the Way. She has already lost about a hundred pounds, and is still working it to get down to her goal weight. I am inspired by her dedication to that goal, and I am amazed by her decision to take pictures of everything she puts in her mouth. It is working for her.

Angie has been the moderator for the Biggest Loser Blog edition...and Challenge #1 just ended. I want to be in on Challenge #2, because, well, I've always loved a good challenge! And I could use a little motivation right now. So I have created this blog to be able to be a part of the new challenge.

Here's to a continued downward trend for me! And along the way, I hope to encourage and be encouraged by my fellow biggest losers. :)


  1. Sue, I joined today and found your blog. I don't have as far to go as you, though it will probably take me just as long! Anyway, I wish you the best and plan to check in with you to see how you're doing!

  2. Thanks Diana! I will try to find you too! What's your blog name? :)