Saturday, January 10, 2009

Salt is not my friend....

I got on the scale today, and was up three pounds from yesterday. Huh?? Then I realized that I had eaten a lot of sodium yesterday in the foods I had. It is water retention, pure and simple. I hate that. Thank goodness weigh in is tomorrow for me, and not today!! I also felt kind of can I say this..backed up, despite the amount of fiber I have been eating.

So my plan for today is to eat clean foods that are low in sodium, and also to drink lots of water and get some serious exercise in to get things moving. Started off with some prunes and oatmeal for breakfast. That should be a good beginning point. And I had a couple of cups of coffee to boot. Just ate an apple for a snack. Yes, it is my own version of a cleansing in one day! :) Truly, it is really just not fair for the scale to appear as if I have been eating with abandon. It just isn't.

So by tomorrow morning, I hope the fluid is gone, and that the colon has willingly given up its horde. Sorry if this was TMI, but it is the reality of being in the BLBE challenge. All extra weight, be it in the form of fluid or processed food must exit my body immediately! Team Angie must prevail!


  1. I hope that you feel better once you get all flushed out! :o )

  2. Don't worry; it'll all come off once that sodium is gone :)

    You're doing great!
    Go Team Angie!

  3. We can do this !! Or as my son used to say when he was little,"push em out, shove em out ,WAY out !" ( I am dealing with the same problem at the moment and it resulted in a 0.4 lb gain for the week)

  4. Salt is not my friend either - I have cut most of it out of my life and I ha a few tortilla chipd on friday night and I thought my lips were going to explode - they felt so yucky afterwards and I felt so dry!

    You will be back on track - knowing what causes the problems is half the battle!!

    Go team Angie!!

  5. if you've increased your fibre lately - you HAVE to make sure you drink a ton of water. "They" say you should add fibre a bit at a time, so your body can adjust!

    Salt isn't my friend either!! I have to remember to be particularly careful the couple of days before weighing in