Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bummer...Big Gain of 3.8 lbs!

Well, the scale wasn't kind, just as I was expecting. Up 3.8 lbs. The good thing is that I can pretty much blame it on just fluid retention. I know I will lose this gain quickly. However, it is still no fun to see the number going up! Especially when you are trying to help the A Team win another week. (Go Team Angie!!) Hope some others in our group had some pretty big numbers to make up for my gain.

However, the nice thing is that I am back in the exercise swing of things again, and doing that daily torture. Some day I hope it no longer feels like torture! :) That will be a grand day.

Otherwise busy today....just got home from a meeting after church. We had lunch there..fortunately I brought some fruit and ate some Beef Vegetable soup that someone had brought, so it wasn't bad in the food department. Tonight my in-laws want to take us out to a small restaurant I have never been to before. Not sure what will be on the menu! Hopefully I can find something not too damaging. :) Here's to the start of a better weight loss week!!


  1. We all have weeks where we gain rather than lose, even if we eat right and exercise. *sigh* The important think is to not let the gain discourage you. You've done remarkable this past year, and you WILL continue to lose.

    Good luck and GO TEAM ANGIE!!

  2. Glad to hear your positive attitude; I know a gain can be so frustrating! But, you are doing all the right things, so next week will be great!

  3. No big deal... You will rock it next week.
    It's always a downer to see the scale go up but it's part of this journey.