Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Umm, could we just pretend yesterday didn't happen?

Yesterday was NOT a good day on the food scale. For some reason, I felt really munchy all day long. I was craving pizza. I wanted chocolate. I wanted all things not good for me.

My little guy was off school...but I was at work. I am a school nurse, so there were no kids and really not much that I needed to do. I was bored. Boredom and munchies do not work well together. I had eaten part of my lunch by 10:30, and still didn't feel satisfied.

A little after 12:00 a friend came in and put a pizza box on my desk. "Want some pizza? We went out and couldn't finish it." Nooooooooooooooooo! Not the one thing I am craving! I am strong some days, and weak others. I have turned down many a slice of pizza, many a cupcake. But yesterday I ate some pizza. Not a lot, only about 1 1/2slices. And there was a lot of pizza in the box. But I only ate a little of it. Still.

I did not eat any cupcakes, but honestly, only because there weren't any. I did eat a few cookies. I felt out of control and weak as I shoved them down. I knew it would set me into a carb-craving mode, and I knew I would not feel the greatest physically either, as my body has gotten out of the high fat and sugar meals. The rest of the day was not any better. It involved chocolate (sugar free at least), some chips, a brownie, and one pop tart. Sugar galore.

HOWEVER, today is another day. Fresh start, thank goodness. I am waiting until I am hungry to eat breakfast. Had some coffee and an apple to start the metabolism. I WILL stick to healthy foods today, and I will spend extra time on the treadmill to "pay penance" for yesterday.

We have a snow day today, so I am off of school. I plan to get in even more exercise by shoveling to get off some of those extra calories I consumed yesterday. And I WILL be successful. There is no other option. I'll let you know how it goes. :)


  1. One bad day, I'll let you slide. Now drop and give me 25. And if you complain, it will be 50!


  2. It's one day. Move on!
    On the days I am feeling snacky or hungry, I try and pack bigger lunches but filled with healthy food.
    Do you have a place at work where you can leave some healthier snack stuff - a granola bar or something lower calorie but still snacky?

  3. It's a good thing that today is a whole 'nother day, eh? *grins* Have fun with the snow, but be careful!

  4. Well, I did it! We were out in the snow for about an hour. First we shoveled the walk, then I dragged my 40 lb son around on a sled. Which was a good workout, considering there was only about 1.5 inches on the ground! :) Now I am sipping SF hot cocoa and feeling better. Today is going great with the eating. Feels so totally different from yesterday!! Thanks for the kind comments! :)

  5. Boy, do I know those kind of days! Glad to see you made it through today with flying colors! Yay!