Thursday, January 8, 2009

The "good for me food" tastes good again!

When ever I deviate from eating healthy, it is really hard to get back on track. One reason is because the sugar and fat of unhealthy choices seem to deaden my taste buds, and my true hunger. So then when I try to get back on track, the healthy food just doesn't appeal to me.

It usually takes me about 2-3 days of eating right before..HALLELUJAH!...I enjoy eating veggies again. I look forward to a fresh, juicy orange. And a sliced tomato on a plate looks good to me. :) Then it is a lot easier to eat those yummy, good for you foods.

For example, last night I was truly hungry before bed. I decided that a plate of steamed broccoli sounded very good. And that is what I had. It was tasty. Tonight, my dinner was kind of "cleaning out the fridge" leftover night. I had some tomato soup, (I love Campbell's w/ lots of black pepper - even though I know it may not be the healthiest brand!), a lean ham sandwich on lite ww bread, and then, to fill in the crevices, some mixed veggies cooked on the stove. The veggies were so awesome! They filled me up, and I enjoyed every bite. Last week I wouldn't have even entertained the thought! Veggies, ewww. Fudge....yum. But now, honestly, the thought of fudge doesn't even appeal. Ahhh, I am detoxed and lovin' it.

Go team Angie!! :)


  1. Good for you! I have a hard time staying away from sugar, but am trying really hard, because it is a slippery slope to have just a little bit, and then have that little bit roll into a whole lot!

    Go team Angie!

  2. Doesn't that feel great?! I had a really rough day a few days ago, but I just woke up today feeling like I wanted the healthy stuff.
    Mmmmm....broccoli :)