Monday, January 5, 2009

Whooo Hooooo! The race is on!

I am so excited to be starting this challenge with the BLBE. It is going to be awesome! Of course my biggest goal all along has been to just become healthier, by eating whole foods and less of them, and by exercise. You know. Actually moving.

However, now that I am in this challenge, I am starting to want to drop some serious pounds! Today went pretty was back to work, and I had packed my lunch, as I find I can stick to healthy eating so much better by packing.

After work, my son wanted to go see the movie "The Tale of Desperaux". Mid-way through the movie, I began to think how yummy that cartoon piece of cheese looked onscreen. Perhaps I should have brought a snack. I ended up eating about 2-3 pts of popcorn then, but was able to control it pretty well. Got home and had some fish and veggies. Now I think a nice hot cup of tea would be grand!

I am a school nurse in an elementary school, and I live near Baltimore, Maryland, in the good old US of A. I don't get much activity during the day, but I am hoping to start getting up really early in the a.m. to get on that dreaded treadmill. That's my goal anyway. I'll let you know tomorrow night!


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  1. awesome work stoping at 2-3 pts of popcorn - if I'm at the theatre, it always, turns into a shit show. I've actually turned down going to movies I want to see because of popcorn! ;-)