Thursday, January 22, 2009

Uh Oh....Buffet for dinner!

I was out running around doing errands with my son after work, and he wanted to eat at a buffet for dinner. We used to eat at this buffet prior to my making changes in how I eat, and I always left feeling stuffed to the gills. I really didn't want to eat there tonight. But we were hungry, and it was there, and I decided to test myself, and go for it.

I think I passed the test! I was able to make healthy choices for all of it, and I only filled up one plate. Instead of fried chicken or fried shrimp, I got baked salmon. Instead of mashed potatoes or mac and cheese, I got a big old pile of green beans and collard greens. (Which were revolting by the way. Sorry, Southerners.)The green beans were good though, so I ate those. I also had a small baked potato and a little bowl of split pea soup. For dessert, I had a tiny dab of SF pudding. Water to drink.

I had eaten light all day, because I wasn't that hungry, but by the time I came to the buffet, I was truly hungry. I am so glad that I made healthy choices, and I think I will make out just fine despite eating there tonight. It felt good to be in control, and it felt really nice to walk out of there with lightness in my step, not feeling stuffed to the brim. And now that I am home, I don't have to fix dinner or clean up. Double hooray! :)