Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh Evil Chocolate....Flee from my presence..

Day two of the challenge. And I have eaten too much. Sigh. It started out well and good. Had a great day at work, ate well all day. But then when I got home, I started sampling the beef stew I had thrown into the crockpot. It was really, really good. Some lean chunks of beef, with one can of whole potatoes, some baby carrots, a quartered onion, some beef bullion, and a can of tomato sauce. It turned into a delicious savory stew. But it was so yummy, I just kept sampling it. Then my son wanted chocolate, so I gave him some chocolate chips. Of course I had just a measured few. Which suddenly turned turned into a few leftover dwarf gingerbread men, sans heads of course, and then some peanuts and raisins. It didn't stop there. Now I am stuffed, I know I have gone over my allottment of points, calories, fat grams and sugar quotia for the week. Sigh.

It is amazing to me how easy it is to be strong in this eating department one day, and then so weak the next. There were no emotional triggers, there were no moments of boredom or eating out of being distraught. I just was hungry, ate something, and then kept going, as was my habit for so many years. (Hence I was almost 400 lbs!). Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why.

Okay, so I have laid it all out here, and I am moving forward. For the rest of this week, I vow to stay within my points...to the letter! And since I have already used up my 35 extra for the week today...that means staying exactly at my points every day. No splurges. I know I can do it.

Away from me oh chocolately goodness! I'm cutting you off for good! Oh, and were we talking about exercise..........................?


  1. Are you writing everything down? Counting points? Counting points and writing it down helps me... I agree, though, today was hard. I was, for whatever reason, *so* hungry! I managed to get through the day within my points, but it was *not* easy. It does get easier as you go along, though. Find your accountability, find your motivation, and hold on with both hands.

  2. Been there, done that!!!! I hate when I have those days; try your best to bounce back quickly!

    Also, wanted to say Hi to a fellow Team Angie member. It's gonna be a great challenge!

  3. Earning AP's will also help you get through the day. Even 10 minutes can make a huge difference. Good Luck! And hello from a fellow Team Angie member!

  4. Go Team Angie! Right there with ya! You have already seen what you are capable of remember your previous success and try to use it to fuel your decisions! Come on team Angie! We need you!

  5. if you're out of flex activity points can be a great friend and can be earned in 10 minute increments....good for you for deciding to see the week through on program...

    PS: Team Lynn is gonna rule - HAHAHAHA