Saturday, January 24, 2009 steaming coffee...

One thing I love is a good cup of coffee. Now,mind you, I am not a real coffee connessoir. In fact, I don't even think I spelled connessoir correctly. But I love a nice cup of hot coffee on a cold day, or pretty much any day.

My favorite is Dunkin Donuts coffee. If I had a choice (and calories didn't count) of choosing a donut or the coffee when I walked into DD, I would take the coffee. It is that good. What I especially like is that it fills me up too. Helps to take away that craving for sweetness or something. I just like it.

So I usually make my own coffee at home in the morning. It is just never as good. Tonight I bought DD own brand of ground coffee, and I am hoping to make a pot tomorrow that resembles what I am sipping right now. :)

I also love their Egg White Flatbread sandwiches - the veggie one. I don't like the turkey sausage one as much. So for dinner I ordered the Veggie Flatbread and a coffee. Of course when I got home, the guy had made the one I specifically didn't want - the Turkey Sausage one. Oh well. Such is life. I ate it anyway. At least he got the coffee right!

Weigh in for me is tomorrow morning. I am not expecting much, as I said the other post. That TOM, and then not exercising as much this week will not help the numbers go down. But I went for a long walk/some jogging this afternoon, and I am hoping that tomorrow morning maybe I will at least break even!!


  1. I am SO addicted to DD it's bordering on ridiculous! I work overnights at a hotel (11pm-7am) and there's a DD a block away that closes at midnight and reopens at 5am. I almost always stop in at least one end of my shift -- sometimes both depending on how my day/night went. I've only had the flatbread sandwich once but maybe I'll give the veggie one a try on my way in to work tomorrow night :)

  2. So, those sandwiches are good? My DH and I have been a little curious about them. What do you dislike about the turkey sandwich?

    I like coffee too, but not normally the "good" coffee. Doesn't that sound funny? Give me a $0.20 cup of coffee at home, even instant, and I'm good. I add a little milk and pop it in the microwave so it gets frothy, and it is wonderful.

  3. You know I have actually had the eggwhite flatbread sandwich where I didn't like it because the DD people cooked it wrong....made it too hard and crispy, cheese melted off, etc, eggs rubbery, etc. It makes a world of difference in the taste. But when they make it right, I just feel that the Veggie one has a wonderful veggie flavor and a great cheese on it. And the multi-grain flatbread is so chewy and good.

    Squishy, I don't like the turkey sausage one as much because to me I don't think it is as flavorful. To keep it under 300 calories, they have to use very little sausage, and the cheese on that one is white, which blends in and I don't even really taste it with my eyes or my mouth. :) I just think the veggie one is MUCH better. It is worth a try! Right now my DD is running a promotion....$1.99 for one if you buy any size coffee. :) Good deal!