Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Busy Day = Less Food. Hooray!

Yesterday I had the munchies. I was not too busy at work, and just wanted to eat all day long. Though I managed to make healthy choices, and stay okay within my calories, I felt like I wanted to just munch and munch and munch. I don't like those days.

Today was very different. I was really busy at work, and though I had planned for a snack mid-morning, I found I blew right threw it, and was reminded only when my stomach started actually growling. Then I had my snack..got busy again, and it suddenly was lunch time! After work I had some errands to run, and it was only when I felt really hungry again on the way home, that I realized I had missed my afternoon snack too. I ate an apple, and felt okay until supper.

I love when I am actually physically hungry when I eat, and not just "mind hungry". Staying busy seems to be the key, unfortunately, my busy-ness at work ebbs and flows beyond my control. Here's to more busy days in the future!! :)

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