Monday, January 19, 2009

Movie and Lunch out today.....

My son wanted to go see "Hotel for Dogs", so we went today to the big mall in town. The one with all the many places to eat. He wanted to eat at a Mexican place, so we went in. I was hungry, but afraid I would overdo it on everything that this place serves...their portions are HUGE. I wished I could just order a child's size plate, but they didn't allow it. Nor did they allow lunch portions today, because it was a holiday. Huh? I don't follow that one.

Anyway, I had about 8 tortilla chips with salsa, then just ended up ordering a chicken tortilla soup, instead of an entree. It was really, really good. My son got the soft beef taco, and I had about two bites of it that he didn't finish, along with his fresh fruit he didn't want.

Overall, I think I did great at controlling what I ate. I could have eaten so much more...but chose not to. He left his fries on his plate after eating a few, so we had no leftovers to carry into the movie with us. Of course popcorn was a must for the boy, and I got him a child pack. He ate almost all the popcorn...I had maybe one small handful and that was enough.

By the time the movie was over, I was getting really hungry again. The soup portion was not very large, and though tasty, did not have much chicken in it either! I elected to drive home though, instead of wandering the mall and having to resist temptation. Just had a bowl of oatmeal and two clementines, and enjoyed every bite. Tonight for dinner I may just have some veggies with a slice of cheese, or a hardboiled egg. Then it is back to work tomorrow.....where I can generally stay on track a little bit more easily!


  1. Wow, great job on the good choices. I would have a hard time eating out in a Mexican or Chinese place. Movies are tough too because I'm conditioned to have popcorn and candy. You are rocking!

    How was the movie? My boys want to see that one too.

  2. Good for you for making such great choices today.

  3. The movie was very unrealistic, but quite entertaining. :) My son is six, and he LOVED it. I liked it too. Nothing really bad in it either. Thanks for the support, friends! :)

  4. Wow,Sue! Great job manuevering those tricky mall eateries! And awesome job avoiding the chocolate cake yesterday!

  5. You are da woman!!! I would not have been able to do that in a Mexican place.

  6. Great choices!!! That's the way to do it!!!