Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another dinner out..

Well, tonight I had another dinner out. My second of the week. Hope it doesn't play havoc with the weight loss. I tried to plan ahead...didn't eat a snack in the afternoon to save some calories.

I took one of my best friends out for dinner for her birthday. I had a gift card, she had a coupon, and I ended up paying $1.53 for two of us to have a really nice meal. Yay, cheap friend that I am! :)

I got some sort of shrimp dish w/ angel hair pasta. Marinara sauce. It was good. I only ate 1/2 though, and left the other. I have never left food on my plate at a restaurant before. I usually bring it home. But I wasn't sure how it was made, and decided to play it safe and leave it.

So I am hoping that tomorrow will be a good day and I will be able to show a good loss on Saturday. And no more eating out at least until Sunday!

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  1. wow - what a great non-scale victory you had. leaving the food because you weren't sure how it was made. and only eating half a pasta dish - no easy feet I'm sure!! AWESOME WORK MISSY!!!!!!!!!!1