Friday, February 27, 2009

Heading home for the weekend..

Well, this weekend will be full of challenges. I am heading home for a birthday party weekend at my parent's house. My whole family will be there. There will be cake, and FOOD, and did I mention food?

I am feeling a little better too, which means I am getting hungry. Food/hungry...not a good combination.

However, I am going to try really hard to watch my intake. I am tired of indulging on "special occasions" and throwing myself off track for 2-3 weeks. It has got to end. So here is to a loss tomorrow morning..and hopefully one next week too! :)


  1. Those special occasions still cause me food grief too. Stay OP as much as possible though. Serving size is key if you MUST have something. Good luck!

  2. Ugh, I know the feeling! I just got back on track and now, this weekend have 2 events to go to where I will not have good healthy choices that's for sure! We just gotta do the best we can and know that Monday is around the corner ;) Have a great time with your family!

  3. It's good to know that you have challenges ahead - better to be aware and face them head on than have them surprise you on the way! Hope you are surviving and enjoy your weekend!