Monday, February 9, 2009

I wish Valentine's day was gone already!

Chocolate overload. It is everywhere. In pictures, in ads on TV, in every aisle of the store. I LOVE chocolate. But I just can't eat that stuff very much anymore. And yet it is taunting me.

My Dad gave me a big Russell Stover's heart filled with chocolates this week. It is a tradition. He has always given my mom and his three daughters chocolates for Valentine's Day. When he gave it to me Sunday, he did say..."I know you might not want this, but if you don't, you can take it to work and they will eat it."

Well, he was wrong...I DID want it. Badly. But I just can't. My mom said..."just have one every few days." She is good at that kind of thing, I am not. I opened the box on the way home. I decided to just have my favorite. One turned into six before I slammed the lid on.

The next day, I took it to work. I walked by the box all day long, never touched another candy. They are gone. Whew! But I know more candy will be back until Valentine's Day is gone. It can't happen soon enough for me!!


  1. I used to be a total victim of chocolate, and then something miraculous happened. Suddenly it gave me terrible heartburn.Now I can only eat a tiny bit of dark chocolate or pay for it with a night of serious pain. I am not suggesting you be gifted with the same thing, but I can sympathize!

  2. I too love chocolates and it is my favorite valentine gift...

  3. Yay for getting rid of the chocolate - we have had too much chocolate here too! Argh! It's bad! And then comes Easter (=