Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Well, I knew the weigh in would stink. The good news is that it was less than ten pounds. The bad news is that it is more than five. The ugly news is that I am still having trouble getting completely back on track.

Yesterday was really challenging. I ate very lightly all day (maybe that was a mistake), because I knew I had an outing to the dreaded Chuck E.Cheeses in the afternoon. Started out well with a salad, but then caved and had a couple of slices of pizza.

I did have a major victory that night when I wanted some iced cookies and pretzels that my son had made for me at school. I resisted those, which felt good. I am back at it today, and hope to make good choices all day long. I am never, ever giving up, and I am hoping that those 6 lbs are mostly fluid retention. I am tired of struggling, and I am ready to be back in full-force, making that scale go down!!


  1. you go girl! lets get back on that wagon today!

  2. Climb back on that wagon girlfriend and keep on going!

  3. Last week is over and done. Today is a new beginning , and this week will be much better ! Part of those 6 pounds could be due to that lovely hormone dance we get to do every month, so take heart !

  4. The wagon is outside your house, Sue!! (just came from mine!) Let's stay on it; it's a bumpy ride but we'll like the destination!!

    I think you're right about the fluid retention. Just getting back on track these past few days, it seems the scale looked alot better this morning =)
    Glad you're not ever giving up! Me neither! We can do it!

  5. Thanks ladies, for all of your support, and for holding the wagon until I can climb back on. :) I have a dinner at the in-laws tonight, and I never know what she will serve. I always try to eat well at lunch and then just eat lightly at her house. It is always a struggle. I am sooooo ready for tomorrow when I can control all the food myself and get completely back on track. We can do this! I am just sorry, A Team, that I added so much weight to our totals this week. Next week will be much better...promise!