Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Crab soup and macaroni..

It's just that kind of night. I still feel sick, and have had a stuffy head, relentless cough, and no energy since Sunday. I can't take off work to recover, because there is no one to cover for me, and if I did stay away, my work would be tripled when I returned. Blech. It could be worse though...I mean I can get through the day, it is just trying to sleep at night that is hard, because I can't breathe through my nose. Anyway, enough whining. :)

Being sick has one great side effect for me...I really have no appetite for the unhealthy stuff, because I can't taste much. So this week I have easily stayed on track. Still haven't hit the exercise properly, because it makes my coughing so much worse.

Tonight I got home and made some macaroni with marinara sauce for my son. It was a high fiber pasta, and it looked good after I made it, so I ate some of that myself with a little light butter instead of sauce on it. Then I had a bowl of crab soup that I had made last month and frozen. It worked for dinner, and I probably am done for the night. I am really hoping for a good week on the scale, though the lack of exercise may throw a wrench in that plan!


  1. Aw, Sue! Hope you feel better soon!

    Crab soup sounds delish!

  2. I hope you feel better soon. :o )

  3. Really like the new pic!

    Everybody in blogland is getticg sick. Must be a virus running amok! :)