Monday, February 23, 2009

Review: McDonald's Cafe Cappucino

Today as I was leaving work, I was cold and hungry. My son wanted to get his once weekly treat of McDonald's, because he was hungry too. (I am trying to wean him off of fast food altogether...but it is slow going!) So we went through the drive thru. He got his little nuggets and fries, and I had a coupon for a free medium McCafe coffee. I decided on a cappucino, w/ fat free milk. The board outside said they had SF syrups, but when I requested one, apparently, they were out, so I got it plain, and added Equal myself. (Which is really hard w/ a cappucino, because it just sits on top of the foam!)

It was a delicious cappucino, I have to say. What was great about it was the amount of milk foam that they made. It had so much! Usually most of it dissolves quickly, but this foam stayed around to the very end, and made it seem like more of a decadent treat. The milk part filled me up with a "healthy" protein, and I felt both warm and filled up after I finished it. Today, on this cold windy day, it hit the spot.

I think I would get one again, but I have to check the price. :) I didn't even pay attention to that today, because I was getting it free! I have a hard time paying more than two bucks for a cup of coffee. Starbucks gal I am not. I am too cheap! (Though I love to go there on a gift card!)

Eating this week is still going well, but exercise not so much. I have another rotten cold/sinus infection (not a selling point mentioned when interviewing for the school nurse position, but definitely part of the package deal), and am so stuffed up, my head feels like a log! It is hard for me to exercise when I have slept poorly b/c I can't breathe, and then get pounding headaches when I do get my HR up. I feel like I have been sick more than not this winter, but that's okay. One nice thing about colds is that for me it decreases my appetite a bit, and that is always a plus!! :)

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  1. I love everything about McDonald's McCafe... everything except for the silly name