Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oops, I did it again!

I caved at my parent's house this weekend. It is not anyone's fault but my own. My Mom and Dad are great about making healthy food for me while we are there. But I just feel like a different person when I am around my family. I feel like the Old Sue, who ate whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it. And there are lots of snacks available in their house....sitting around....tempting me all the time. Things I could easily resist at home seem to have a special lure. It is weird.

Anyway, I did not do very well this weekend. And as I suspected, it has been hard to get back on track.I am hungry this week too, after not being real hungry last week because I was sick. Not a good combination.

Tomorrow night I am going out with some friends to a long-planned dinner date at The Cheesecake Factory. That does not thrill me right now. The company does, but even if I am careful, I probably will not come out ahead if I eat at that restaurant.

But I am giving it my best, and I am never, ever, ever giving up!! I will persevere, and get it together enough to at least break even this week. :)


  1. I thought of Britney Spears when I read your title, lol.

    I have the same problem when we go see hubby's family. It's not my kitchen or fridge so I feel a little out of control, kwim?

    Does Cheesecake Factory have a nutrition guide on line? wait at sec.....

    Okay, I just checked. They have a menu but not a nutrition guide. I would look at the menu now before you go that way you have it in your mind what to pick from and what are big No-nos.

    I find when I go to a restaurant, I need a game plan. I try to stick with fish too. They have a salmon that looks promising. :) Have a great night!

  2. What IS it about going home to the parents that does this???!!!! I feel the same exact way whenever I go to my parent's house! I get super snacky, too and they always have plenty of chocolate around! It's a bad scene ;)

    Cheesecake Factory is a tough place, too, but do the best you can and know that you'll be back in action the next day! You can do it!!

  3. If you visit the daily plate at www.livestrong.com they have some nutritional information for some of their dishes. I ate there the other night and did 1/2 of an entree, and ended up around 650 calories, and took the rest home. If you skip the bread and the cheesecake you'll be good to go! :)~

    Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

  4. Good luck getting back on track this week - I know you can do it!