Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm Back in the Game, Baby!

Do you know how you suddenly get "in the zone" of weight loss, and it is not a struggle every minute? You feel like you could go on resisting cake or cookies forever, and are willingly eating cucumbers and carrots because you WANT TO? You look at others and wonder why they are having such a hard time sticking to healthy eating. (Hate to admit I do this one, but I do. I am not judging, because believe me, I have been there. But it seems SO easy, and you wonder why it is not easy for others. It is like you get insomnia about the first 30 years of your life or so.) You have a spryness to your step, and you don't have to drag yourself outside to walk, or get on the treadmill? What in the world is that, and why does it come and leave so randomly? If I could just package and sell that feeling, I would be a millionaire. A THIN millionaire.

Sadly, for me, I have found that feeling comes and goes. And boy, when it leaves town, so does my penchant for healthy eating and exercise. I am such a fickle girl. I hate the feeling of helplessness that replaces the "in the zone" feeling. Hate it. I can't stand sitting around, not wanting to exercise. I hate feeling sick of watching every morsel I put in my mouth. Just tired of it all.

However, I LOVE, love, the in-control, take-charge feeling of being "in the zone". Today was just such a day. Had a fake Egg McMuffin for breakfast, with an apple and some coffee. Lunch was at a pizza restaurant (all-day meeting and I had no choice of the restaurant.) Everyone else had pizza, I had salad w/ turkey on top. It was no biggie. No craving and drooling over pizza. I WANTED the salad. Weird. Snack was cottage cheese and a banana. Home again, and I had a bunch of stir fried veggies w/ some chicken. A small plate, not a gargantuous one like I have been using lately. Dessert? A bunch of thawed frozen strawberries, smooshed, with some SF cool whip squished around. Really, really good. I think I am done for the night. Yes! Amazing. I am not sitting here longing for chocolate, or cookies, or anything really. I am a little cold, so hot tea sounds nice, but that is doable. I can't believe it. I am back. I just hope this streak holds! I am ready to be losing again!


  1. Me thinks you should come over and be my cook! You could be my Jillian :)

  2. Yay for being back in the zone - you go girk!

  3. Girk?! My new favorite word!

    You go, Sue! I love the zone. I live for the zone. I was close to being there today - but not quite. I've been to the zone. And, you are so right, that bottle of "The Zone" would make you Trump rich.

    And, yeah, when you are in the zone, not only do you wonder why other people have trouble, I wonder why _I_ have trouble. The zone is so easy. Why can't every day be a "OH! I want the SALAD!" day?

    We'll get there, somehow we'll figure it out! But, fo now - Go Sue!