Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Weigh In.....Dun dun dun dunnnnnn......

Well, I promised I would weigh in on April 1st. Today is the day. I have mentioned that I have been out of control with my food/eating for the past month. Well, that was reflected in my weigh in. I gained 14 lbs, and am up to 327. I knew it would be bad.

The good news is that I have almost made it through Day One of my juice fast. I can't believe it. In the past, I have never fasted. Ever. The thought of going without food scared me. I am the kind of person who goes to a dinner at someone else's house, and tries to figure out if there is going to be enough food for everyone. I do not like being without food.

Although I have done well with healthy eating this past year, I hesitated to restrict myself too much, for the fear it would become a "Diet" and not a lifestyle. The idea of fasting was not pleasant to me. But strangely enough, once I made the decision to fast, I felt relieved this time. I was looking forward to it. Forward to the control I hoped to gain when I fasted. Don't get me wrong, I know fasting to lose weight is not a good option. In fact, that is not why I am doing this. I want to gain my control back, and stop the cravings. I have done Opti-fast in the past, lost a lot of weight, gained it all back plus. I know fasting for weight loss isn't the answer.

But strangely, today was good. No, make that GREAT. I was hungry, but it was bearable. I made it through, my blood sugar was fine, I didn't feel weak or headachey, or tired. I felt good. I didn't mind not eating. I was happy not to have to make a food choice, (healthy or otherwise.)

I will let you know how Day 2 goes tomorrow. They say the hunger fades after 1-2 days. Like I said, I don't know because I have only ever fasted to get blood work done before. (Optifast doesn't count, because they have shakes and soups and supplements as well.) It sure feels good to feel free from that compulsion to eat junk!

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  1. I hear ya about the comfort of not having to worry about making a good choice. I hope that you are doing ok with the fast but remember if it gets to be to much, its ok to just be done.