Friday, April 24, 2009

Making Plans to Get back at it!

As many of you know, I have been struggling of late. Struggling to eat right and exercise. My knee is feeling much better, and I could definitely do walking again, but I just haven't. I have been eating junk, and LOTS of it, and I am not sure why.

Today, I was talking to a friend who also struggles w/ weight loss. She had just signed up for a program like Optifast, and I was trying to talk her out of it. I told her: "The 'secret' to weight loss is simply this : eating healthy foods, within a certain calorie range, and increasing your activity and exercise". The Optifast type plan she was going to start involved only liquids and bars, and was a miniscule 880 calories a day. I had done Optifast in the past, and though I lost weight on it, I re-set my metabolism so low, I had a hard time losing weight after a certain time, and when I began eating real food again, all of the weight came back. Oh, and did I mention I needed my gall bladder removed after the Optifast session?

As I was talking to my friend, I felt like I was talking to myself. I really need to get my act together. Tomorrow I am counting calories again. I am cooking my veggies, and eating apples, and lean meats. I am getting on the scale in the morning, though it will probably make me weep. :) I am NOT going to gain all the weight back that I have lost. It must stop now. And it will. I am going to tap back into that "secret" that I know works. Thanks for all your encouraging thoughts and comments. It is a lifelong journey and struggle, but it is nice to have such good friends along the way!


  1. Yay, Sue!!!!!!!


  2. I feel like you. Sometimes when I'm giving a friend healthy advice, it's like I'm reinforcing it to myself also. Like I'm trying to tell myself to get with it and stop the crap I've been doing.

    You can do this, Sue. I'm behind you 100%. Anytime you need me, shoot me an email. Okay?

  3. Hi Sue!!!!

    Just checking in on ya! Hope your doing ok!