Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 2 is OVER!

Last night was definitely the hardest night I have had. Overall the hunger hasn't been unbearble....and I have felt very good for the most part. But last night around 9:30 pm, I felt really "empty". :) I toyed long and hard with the idea of breaking the fast, but in the end did not. I know that hunger is a part of denying yourself food, and it is inevitable. But I have not suffered w/ the weakness, the headaches, the dizziness, anything I thought I might. Since the whole purpose of this fast was to get control over the hold that food had on me, I didn't want to cave into it so quickly.

I am glad I didn't. I feel great this morning. I have no hunger right now, and I hope I have passed the hunger stage. I want to continue this for the full seven days if possible....I want to make sure that all cravings for unhealthy food are gone for a long time!

It amazes me that I am starting my 3rd day of fasting from food. I never in a million years would imagine that I would voluntarily do such a thing! I am surprising myself. Well, I must get ready and go to work. One nice side effect of fasting is that you have more time for other things when you do not spend it preparing, eating, and thinking of meals. It is a nice break. :)


  1. What happened? Are you still fasting? Did you pass out from hunger and no one noticed? What happened??? :)

  2. Ha ha Jericho! I just put a post up, just for you! :)