Saturday, May 23, 2009


Okay, I feel helpless. I really do. Do you know how you feel when you are trying to eat healthy, trying to eat right, and yet keep shoving junk in your mouth all day? That is where I am. Any semblance of control or healthy eating is out the door.

Yet every morning I wake up determined to get back on track. It is horrible. I know I can never give up, but I am feeling so blah about how out of control I am, and hating how I am gaining weight again instead of losing, that I feel really awful.

Anyway, I just want to touch base with all my blogger friends and tell you that I am alive, and I know I will get back into it again soon! I just want to feel healthy again, and lose more. I know I can do it, I just have to stop this vicious cycle. Hope you all have wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!


  1. Sue, all I can say to you is that YOU ARE WORTH IT! You are worth the time and energy that it takes to eat healthy. You are worth the time and energy it takes to exercise. You are worth the time and energy it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle. C'mon, you can do this! I know you can! You were once 397 pounds and you got yourself down to 313. You can do it again. Don't be afraid; you can do it! Food feels like our enemy sometimes. It's so hard to make good choices all the time and it gets really frustrating when your intentions are good and then it all goes out the window. Why don't you forget about the food part and start with a regular exercise routine? It doesn't have to be anything hard core, maybe just walking a bit. But, put your commitment into that part of it and I think it will motivate you and get your momentum going again. I know you'll never give up -you and I are the NGU (never give up) girls! We should start our own club ;) Give exercise a try for a bit and see how it goes. Let me know how you're doing, okay?

  2. Some one once poked and prodded me until I got back on the wagon - a little minx named Sue! Well, after several tumbles I'm back on yet again. Saved you a seat! :)

  3. "Do you know how you feel when you are trying to eat healthy, trying to eat right, and yet keep shoving junk in your mouth all day?"

    Yes I do!! Just about every weekend!! My trigger happens to be my husbands eating habits, the fact he can eat and eat and eat. Unfortunately I get sucked right into it! I'm wondering if hypnotherapy might work.

    This is tough stuff! But do you know what?! You can do this! I can do this! We can do this! I know you can! I know I can! I know we can! We will do this!

    Right now is the moment! :)

  4. Don't wait to start blogging again until you are completely back on track do it now. Use your blog as a tool to keep you on track, its the best way to use your blog. Plus we can harass, I mean help you get back on the wagon! Take care.

  5. Just read your blog and LOL. Not at you, but how similar the words on this page were to the voices in my head! I stumbled onto the site b/c of the BBB (Black Bean Brownie) recipe review. Because of your blog I am going to give them a try and because I can identify with the daily struggle of eating healthy, I'm gonna try a little harder for both of us ;) Your site is inspirational and motivating. I wish you the best and will keep checking in to see your progress, b/c I know you will succeed! :)

  6. Hi Sue,

    Today is the first time I read your blog, I linked in from Marisa's...I'm 32 and I weigh over 300 pounds. I know exactly where you are and I want to be exactly where you do. I made a commitment with another blog buddy that I would be on point with her tomorrow and I would post all my food on my blog. If it would help you to get started again, please join us :)

  7. Hi there,
    This is my first time to your blog and I am touched by your experience. When I read about you having a hard time controling what you eat, it reminds me a bit of myself in that I tend to view any size bag of chips/box of cookies, etc as a single serving, and am not very good at stopping eating junk that is in front of me. As a result, I have found that I do much better if I simply keep the junk out of my house, and keep my kitchen stocked with healthy stuff that I enjoy.

    I'm sure you've considered this option, but it is so simple and effective I thought I'd share!

    You are a beautiful women, and I wish you the best of luck... you can do it.