Thursday, March 5, 2009

Say Goodbye to My Scale.....

I have made a decision. I am obsessing about the number on the scale way too much right now. I find myself stepping on and off, and hating how much my weight loss has slowed down. I compare myself to the Biggest Losers (both on TV and in this challenge!), and I HATE IT. I hate what I have become...happy if it shows a loss.... disappointed if it is the same...tense if it shows a gain. I am tired of focusing on the numbers. I think it is starting to lead me to self-sabotage.

So I am putting the scale away. For at least two weigh ins. (I still want to be able to remain in the challenge, but I am going to purposefully not post my weight for two times, so that I can go w/out weighing for about 3 weeks.) I will weigh in again in time to not be kicked out. But I think I need this for my sanity. I want to go back to basics again, eating all the right things, exercising properly, and NOT getting bent out of shape by what the scale does or doesn't say. I have to do it. And I surely hope it doesn't backfire! :)

I have been on this healthy life journey for about a year now, and the excitement is LONG gone. It is motivating when you are eating right and see the pounds coming off. But when you are doing the same things and the pounds are not budging, it becomes scary. Scary because I think: "Is this it? Do I have to increase my exercise to Biggest Loser amounts to lose anymore weight? Do I have to restrict my calories further? Cut out all simple pleasures? Lop off my left leg? What else do I have to do to lose weight again at a decent rate??"

I do know that the answer does not lie in stepping on and off the scale several times a day. That is for sure. I will never give up this fight to lose more weight, but I can certainly make the journey more pleasant, and right now that means not seeing my shiny Healthometer staring at me from the hall each morning! Naggy little thing. :)


  1. Good for you!

    I could never give it more then one day... I am a addict!

  2. I agree with Julie, I am addicted to my scale.

    Dont do the same things, start rotating your routines, I bet the loss will come right back. Your body probably got used to the exercises you were doing on a daily basis. Shake it up and then in a week, DO weigh yourself again :)

  3. From one scale junkie to another, I say: Good for you!!! Get rid of that thing and focus on yourself and how you "feel" instead of what that jerky Healthometer says:)

    I agree with May; shake things up a bit and you might see some changes! You can do it!!!

  4. I understand the need to put the scale away for a while. It's bad when your moods reflect a number on that silly thing.

    Good luck!

  5. I am addicted to my scale too, but only once a day. I can see how it is bad for me, too, as I am learning that I am a slave to what it says!

    Hugs to you!

  6. weighing less often is one of the best things I ever did. I used to weigh in a couple times every day. Now, just every so often. I am more concerned about feeling my best. And I worry more about making sure I take good care of my body - am I eating well and getting good nutrition? Am I doing all I can to treat my body well? Also, if you do find yourself stuck, maybe changing some stuff up would help. Good luck! :-)