Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm Not So Sure Avoiding the Scale was Smart....

It has been three weeks since I have weighed in. THough I have enjoyed not weighing in, and I have LOVED not having the scale hanging over me, I am not sure it was a good idea to stop weighing. I can feel that my weight is up. Significantly.

The main problem is that I have lost control. Now to be honest, whether I was weighing or not, I still think I would be in this situation. I could feel it coming on. I just did NOT want to think about planning meals or eating healthy, or anything! I just wanted a break. The sad part is, once I stop that tight rein on what I eat, I get into vicious cycles of cravings, and it is so hard to stop.

I am trying to stop right now. I will be weighing in on April 1st. It is not going to be pretty. My meals and snacks lately have been ugly. But,and this is a huge butt...(tee hee)...I am never giving up. I will persevere, and get back on track. I must, for myself and my son. I will not give up the fight!


  1. Ok, first! Youre allowed to slip! I am just trying to enjoy life, fat or not and you need to do the same and then the weight will start falling off!

    Second--Try a Jillians Michael video. They are evil. LOL But it gets the job done.

    Be easy on yourself but not too easy. Its alllll in moderation :)

  2. LOL at huge "butt"!!!

    I agree with May- maybe just start back slowly with some exercise to get you motivated! I know you'll keep on trying and I will keep checking on you(a.k.a stalking!) to make sure you are hanging in there!!!

  3. I am so with you on the slipping. I tried to log in today to blog (finally) and it wouldn't let me for some reason! it has been that long! and for the record... jillian michaels is the antichrist and I refuse to support her (mainly because I cannot find support for my breasts during her video. there ain't enough lycra in the universe to control that recoil!)

    you have the best will succeed :)

  4. Great attitude! Knowledge is half the battle. I cheering you on!!!