Sunday, March 8, 2009

Let the Detox begin!!

The liberation from my scale has also brought along with it some feelings of "Oh, go ahead and have some icecream, or donut, or chips, don't have to weigh in for 3 weeks. THIS WILL NOT CONTINUE. I do not want to have a "free for all" with food, or I will be up 15 pounds at my next weighin.

Therefore, I have decided to put myself on a detox plan starting tomorrow morning. I want to stay away from all breads and pastas, refined carbs, etc, for at least one week. Just fruits, veggies, and lean proteins to eat. I usually start to feel so much better and just "leaner" when I do that. It also gives me the energy to add that exercise back into it, and hopefully at the previous level.

I really want to give it my all these next few weeks, and see a nice loss when I step on that scale again. I especially want to show my fitness coach that I wanted a break from the scale not to go hog wild, but just to stop the focus on the numbers every day. Thanks for all the words of support, and the suggestions. I am definitely going to mix it up a little, and add in a LOT more exercise! You guys are the best.


  1. I should probably see about cutting my refined carbs ... because there was NOTHING "refined" about the danish (or two ... or three ...) that I just found myself inhaling.

  2. I have been really enjoying cutting out the refined carbs, but I am still eating carbs - brown rice, oats, etc.

    I feel really good! I think you should try it! The first couple of days were hardest, but manageable. I drank licorice tea which gave me the sweetness I was craving!

  3. Good luck with the detox! Stay strong. You can do it!!