Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Funny how time flies....

It is amazing how quickly a year can pass. From 2008-9, I lost about 80 lbs. From 2009-10, I gained back about 65-70 lbs. (Still haven't weighed in yet.) I am trying not to be too discouraged about the weight gain. In thinking positively, I can say..well, at least I still weigh less than I did at the start of 2008. That makes me feel marginally better. :)

Things are going pretty well. I am easing my way back to eating healthy. Still not perfect, but better. I am following another blogger who is evaluating Medifast, and I am trying not to be too jealous. :) If I could afford it, I would probably give it a go, but I just can't afford that much money per month on the meals. Though I may eat more than I should, I do not eat a lot of pricey foods, nor do I eat out a lot. My budget is tight enough as it is, and I just don't have that much extra per month for convenience. I would love to be excited about a new plan though, and see some quick results. Oh well.

I will keep trudging on this way, and hopefully the pounds will come off slowly and surely as they did before. :)

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  1. Ugh! My problem is my kids eat one way and I have to eat a whole nother way. Not to say that they eat completely unhealthy, like hotdogs every day with chocolate cupcakes. No they eat that only once in a blue moon. They eat fairly healthy infused with extra kid approved foods that you know don't take into account stuff like salt content, like mac n' cheese. And if I had to buy lowfat, lowsalt, etc everything for everyone well lol, the bills wouldn't get paid. It's hard enough keeping their diet fairly healthy and then trying to juggle mine seperately. So I couldn't afford medifast either. One thing to keep in mind though is quick results are like getting something you didn't work hard for. You forget where you came from! Here today gone tomorrow. Keep your chin up and the fight in your heart - we will keep knocking this thing until it works out!! :)