Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Once a week post??

I seem to be posting about once a week, and that's okay. At least I am posting something! :)

So I finally stepped on the scale. It was gruesome. I was back to 394. Not 395, my highest...oh no...I had not gained back that last pound. So I can say I didn't gain ALL my weight back. Ha ha! However, here I am, and I am once again trying to eat right. Today is day 2. I am eating NO sugar, no refined flours, etc, and am trying to keep to around 1600-1700 cals, with a limit of 2000. So far, so good. If I can get through this period of cravings, I will be okay. Actually, it isn't too bad yet.

This past weekend I took my son on an Adoption Anniversary Celebration at a water park. I did not feel like getting in a bathing suit- even if I had one that fit. So I didn't. He is only seven. How sad that he had to swim alone when we could have had fun together. The end of April he has a field trip to the zoo and wants me to go along. I don't think I could do all that walking the way I am now. So in the next six weeks, I hope to start dropping some pounds, and picking up the exercise pace, so that I can go to the zoo with him. I need to start being a healthy mom, so that I can set a good example, and be around for him, a long, long time.

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  1. Hi there,
    I wanted to let you know your blog is awesome.
    You heart is in the right place. You clearly love your son and I think that that love will motivate you!
    I just started a blog on the side of my main blog called 52 pounds in 52 weeks. I would love to have someone like you sound in once in a while with a comment or two! It sure can be hard without support!
    Keep up the good work and stop by sometime!!!!