Monday, August 23, 2010

I am Soooo ready for a schedule!

I am a school nurse, so I have been happy to not have a real schedule to adhere to this past summer. It is wonderful to fill my days with things not work-related, and to not have to set an alarm every morning. However, I have noticed that is not great for me related to being on the Phentermine. Without having a set schedule, I am totally forgetting to take my pill at times. And with all the vacationing, traveling, grad school work, etc, I have not always made the best food choices. So I was relieved to see that my weight was down this month, albeit only 2 lbs.

When I went to see my weight-loss doctor last Monday, I told him I was struggling, even on those days when I did take the phentermine. He said that my body was probably developing a tolerance to the med, and increased the dosage, which I am happy to say has really helped.

So it is back to school for me tomorrow, and back to a schedule, with a higher dose of Phentermine. I am hoping to show a much better weight loss when I go back to see him mid-September. I am also planning to start getting up earlier every day so that I can do 30 min on the treadmill each morning. I think this will be a great routine for me. I am so ready to see the weight start coming off again!


  1. I think you will find that you'll love your morning exercise and that should really help you shred the weight!

  2. Sounds like a good plan. You will like the pump that the morning treadmill will give you.
    Hope your first week back to school went well!