Thursday, July 1, 2010

Working on Exercise!

Today I absolutely have no excuses not to exercise. It is beautiful outside, my son is bored, and so we are off to the zoo! We will walk all over the place without stopping, and I will get in lots of exercise.

This month has been a bit of a struggle with the eating. I am a school nurse, and it is mainly the change in routine that has given me trouble. I have forgotten to take the phentermine sometimes until too late in the day. In addition, my birthday is in June, and multiple friends have wanted to go out to dinner, etc, and it is always harder to eat healthy at a restaurant, I think. Plus we have been visiting family in other states, on the road and staying w/ family. I don't like to ask them to cook differently, so have just tried to limit my portions.

Bottom line, I will be happy if I lose 5 lbs this month! :) But at least I don't think I have gained, and that is always good. Especially in a birthday month. I go to see the doctor on Monday the 5th, after a July 4th picnic at my Uncle's house. Of course there is always tons of food, but I am aiming for more swimming and less eating this year. Knowing I have to weigh in the next day will help! I'll check back in after Monday w/ my update! :)


  1. I like your goal for more swimming and less eating, you'll feel 100 times better!

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  3. Glad you got those typing fingers going! Enjoy your family and friends .... but it doesn't have to be about the food. Eat what you like just in smaller amounts and chew longer and slower. Take time to enjoy what you picked.
    Drink lots of water!!!!!!!!! Fill one plate to eat so choose carefully. When finished ... trash it and don't go back to the table. Find other places to sit so you aren't right around the temptations. Swimming is great exercise! Enjoy your holiday! The 4th is about patriotism not food ;-) Good luck and many prayers.