Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's nice not to think about food constantly....

Today I stayed home from work. I did not feel well in the early morning hours - nauseated, and other GI issues from something I ate, I believe. I had picked up a frozen eggplant parmigan meal from Trader Joe's, and ate it last night, because it had good nutritional stats. I am not a big fan of eggplant, and while I was eating it, I thought it tasted a little funny, but blamed it on the eggplant. However, I think maybe something was "off".

Anyway, I was home today, and apparently missed a big luncheon at work put on by the PTA of our school, for the staff. I have been to these lunches before, and the PTA goes ALL out. Especially on the desserts - homemade cakes, pies, cheesecake, etc. It is a giant food fest. Ordinarily I look forward to these lunches, being a chunky girl who loves food, and so I would usually be bummed that I missed it. Amazingly, I had forgotten all about it, and my first thought when someone emailed me about it, lamenting that I had missed it, was "who cares?". Huh??! "Who cares?" WHO am I? I have never not cared about food. But the phentermine actually helps me to not think about it, crave it, plan about my next meal constantly, or really even care about it! It is wonderful. Don't worry, I still get hungry at meal times, and I am still eating....but it is like I am eating for fuel, not for fun. The way I always wished I would be.....

My nausea had disappeared by mid-morning, and I was able to eat breakfast and lunch with no problem. Tonight, I was taking my son to an arcade, and neither of us had eaten dinner yet. It was almost 6:30, and I have been trying not to eat too late at night. So I stopped and got a grilled chicken sandwich, and made myself eat it. So strange....yet so wonderful...to know that I am eating something healthy, because I am making sure my body gets the nutrition it needs. Previously I would have probably grabbed a meal from McDonalds, and finished off my son's fries in addition. I truly love not living for food while I am on this medication. It may just change my life forever. That's what I am praying for! Weigh-in next Monday. Can't wait to see it. My scale has not been working well lately, so it will be a big surprise! :)

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