Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Conquering the Holidays!

This post is long overdue! I have been struggling these past two months..the phentermine just isn't working well anymore, and then with Thanksgiving and spending a week at my parents....well, it just isn't a good combination. I was kind of holding my own until last week, but with some indulgences over Thanksgiving, and my Mom cooking meals all week, I knew I would be up.

However, I am ready to attack this weight loss again!! I went to the weight loss doctor for my monthly visit on Monday. He wanted to up the phentermine to 2 pills in the morning, and one in the afternoon. But I don't like that idea, because I think I will have trouble sleeping if I take a pill that late. In addition, he wanted to add Metformin 500 mg before each meal. I already take 1000 mg of Metformin at night because of my insulin resistance. (It is helpful with controlling the sugar that my liver puts out all night long.) So when he suggested Metformin, I kind of balked about it. It is only 500 mg extra a day, and would probably not hurt at all to take it, but I just don't know if I need to go there yet. I would like to save some options for when the weight loss just completely stalls.

So this is what I have done the last few days. I had been on 2 pills per day, and it wasn't working in the late evening. SO I increased to 2.5 pills in the morning. That really worked well these past two days. No cravings, no hunger, no "need to munch" on something at night. Nighttime is my biggest problem. I can do well during the day, but at night, I feel starving sometimes! And I just want to eat to fill that void. Of course that is the worst time to eat, and the pounds just come on then.

I weigh again at the doctor's on January 3rd, right after Christmas break. I have a good feeling about this though...hoping it will work through the holidays and keep me from going overboard. I am going to try and stay busy and get some cleaning and organization done this time, so that will be a good distraction. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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