Thursday, April 15, 2010

I've made my visit to the pill pusher.....

Okay, Tuesday was the day. I went to visit Dr.Rivas, and get started on my new weight loss plan - which involves Phentermine, an appetite suppressant. My first impressions were not the greatest. I did not get a feeling of personal caring from Dr. Rivas. He has probably seen so many thousands of overweight people, heard the same sob stories, and had to answer the same questions. But I was giving him my hard earned money ($130 to be exact, for this first visit), and for that I would like to see some sincere attention.

For the price of admission, you are given 2 weeks worth of the medication. I started it yesterday. The side effects have not been too bad. I did feel a little bit "off balance" for about 1/2 hour during the morning, but that went away quickly. I also had trouble sleeping, but did not feel tired today. On the plus side, I did not have much of an appetite yesterday! I definitely didn't think about food as much, and when I did, it was not as compelling as usual. Today was the same! I am really hopeful that this might work for me.

I am trying not to focus on being perfect with my food intake. In fact, I am not "dieting". I am going to try and choose healthy foods for the most part...lean proteins, veggies, fruits, etc. But I am also going to eat whatever I crave. Strangely enough, even with that "License", I did not feel like eating anything sweet yesterday or today. Which is very weird for me. There was cake all over the place at work today, and all I thought was: "Wow, before I would have had a piece of cake at least once, maybe even twice before the day was through." Instead, this morning I had to remind myself to eat a snack, and I didn't FEEL like finishing my yogurt. What? Me not finish something??? So bizarre. Amazing what one little pill can do.

I don't know how it will continue to work, but I am praying that it will still work for me, and I will not develop a resistance to it. I don't weigh in until 2 weeks from the start, and already I am hoping it will be a good number. It wasn't so great at my initial weigh in. 391. Yes, it is true. Sigh. I hope I never see that number again!


  1. I hope it is just what you need! Good luck!

  2. Wow. Check you out - you're a pioneer! Break that ground! Cut that trail!

    If this works for you, the rest of us may have a new weapon!

    Thank you!!

  3. Thanks you guys. I hope it works too. far it has been really nice. I don't feel like overeating, and I am thining of food so much less! If it works, maybe you can check and see if your doctor would prescribe it for might be just the thing you need. I would be willing to stay on this the rest of my life if it made me feel like this all the time.